Moonstar | Mönna | Flow By Moonstar

Our trademarks

High-quality certified materials

In addition to fulfilling our main orders, we have created three distinctive trademarks: Moonstar, Mönna and Flow By Moonstar. We use carefully selected high-quality certified materials from reliable fabric suppliers around the world to ensure good-looking, comfortable and durable products.

Moonstar bed linen

Estonian home textiles

Moonstar is an Estonian trademark created in 2014 offering high-quality home textiles. Our products have been made with love and care for people who love luxury, comfort and natural materials.

Flow by Moonstar
Flow By Moonstar

Water-repellent products

Flow By Moonstar features a variety of practical water-repellent products from toiletry bags to outerwear. The Flow By Moonstar trademark grew out of the seasonal coat we developed.


Practical and comfortable

Mönna is an Estonian brand from Saaremaa that offers practical and comfortable clothing, children’s products, and home textiles. The main focus of the brand is casual-style products characterised by ease, soft lines, timeless design, and distinctiveness.

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