An Estonian trademark created in 2014 offering high-quality home textiles.


Estonian home textiles

Moonstar is an Estonian trademark created in 2014 offering high-quality home textiles. Our products have been made with love and care for people who love luxury, comfort and natural materials.

Bed linen


Moonstar is one of the few companies in Estonia that offers 100% Tencel satin bed linen under its trademark. Tencel satin is valued for its elegant appearance, softness and high moisture absorption. 

Luxurious Tencel satin bed linens are breathable, silky-smooth and feel divine on bare skin. Tencel is softer than silk, cooler than linen, durable and easy to maintain as it is wrinkle-resistant. This material has excellent moisture-wicking properties thus it keeps you fresh and cool and ensures a great night’s sleep. Thanks to its high moisture absorption, it effectively keeps the human body cool and is therefore ideal for hot sleepers who have a higher body temperature and struggle to sleep because of it. 

Its exceptional moisture management also reduces bacterial growth naturally without any chemicals, making it an ideal bedding choice for people with sensitive skin as well as allergy sufferers

If you choose Tencel bed linen, you help save the environment!

Tencel or lyocell is cellulosic fibres of botanic origin. Both Tencel and viscose have a similar raw material, but the production of Tencel raw material is more sustainable and environmentally friendly. The oxidising agent used to dissolve wood for cellulose production is not toxic, and does not degrade during production and result in harmful substances or contain harmful waste. Most of the solution and water used in the manufacturing process is processed and reused, thus less water and energy are required for the production process. Tencel is 100% biodegradable

Tencel bed linen care instructions

Caring for Tencel bed linen is easy: machine wash at moderate temperature, no ironing is required as Tencel is wrinkle-resistant. 

NB! The dimensions of bed linen also account for the shrinkage of fabric in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

NB! The dimensions of bed linen also account for the shrinkage of fabric in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Luxurious silk bed linen

We also make 100% silk bed linen using both single-colour and jacquard fabric.

Silk fabric is luxurious, lightweight, and has a characteristic lustrous shine. Silk bed linens offer year-round comfort, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Since silk has hypoallergenic properties, it is also ideal for allergy sufferers.

Silk is good for your hair and skin – it will not absorb too much moisture from your facial skin, but it will prevent wrinkles and sleep lines and keep your hair healthy and tangle-free.

Silk bed linen care instructions

Silk bed linen must be hand washed or machine washed using the hand wash cycle, use gentle detergents formulated for silk. Do no tumble dry or dry in direct sunlight. Iron at medium temperature while the fabric is still slightly damp.



Kitchen textiles

100% COTTON kitchen textiles

Our stylish 100% cotton fabric kitchen textiles are pleasantly soft to touch and cheerfully colorful to bring joy to every home. Certified with Oeko-Tex 100, the fabrics are produced in Europe.

Kitchen towels and potholders are conveniently attachable to for example refrigerator, oven or air cleaner with magnets. This solution makes them easy to use and quickly findable when needed most. The potholders also have a pocket where You can effortlessly put Your hands for hot pot or pan handling.

Long and short aprons are equipped with four roomy pockets where You can store everything neccessary while cooking. The long apron rests on the back of the neck while the short one on the hips.

And if You like more classical oven mitts – don’t worry we got you covered! With longer sleeves, You can be sure to be safe not to burn Yourself in the heat of cooking.


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